Best Shoes for running in India under 3000

Whether you are an amateur runner eyeing to participate in a full marathon or a half marathon or just run for fun; best running shoes will be required for sure. A pair of best running shoes are essential to create and maintain a healthy running schedule.

What Factors Should You Look For When Buying Best Running Shoes

Do comprehend that it is essentially necessary to have proper running footwear for your morning or evening runs. To be honest, it is critical to your health that proper running shoes be used by you.

You may think that choosing the best running shoes for men or women may be easy for three common reasons;

  • Figuring the running you are doing or would do in future and your style of running.
  • Select the feature-rich pair of shoes that meets your requirement.
  • Try the pair in the store and pick the one, which fits just right.

However, the selection scenario for the best running shoes for men and women is a bit more complicated than this. Usually, the running shoes last between 600 km to 800 km of running, which can be over in a quarter or two of regular or interval running.

Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Men In India 2019

1. Adidas Men’s Adispree 2.0 M Running Shoes


Adidas is a known name in the Indian sports shoe market for over a decade now. The sleek running shoe Adispree 2.0 M from the brand is made for men who love running. It is available in two colors, Core Black and Silver Metallic.

2. Adidas Men’s Yking M Running Shoes


Another product from the house of Adidas that is made of synthetic material and meant for a casual lifestyle and relaxed run. The Ying M has a 90 day’s product warranty that can be claimed against any defects in its build. This lace-up pair of running shoes allow for a good fit that is comfortable and keeps the feet injury free.

3. Reebok Men’s Ultra Speed Gravel Running Shoes


Reebok came into the Indian market and took it by storm. Although, it may seem that not many are a fan of this brand because it doesn’t spend too much on advertisements. But the reality is something entirely different. Amateur and professionals alike, go for Reebok shoes because they are constructed for performance optimization in the field of sports.

4. Reebok Ultra Cobalt Running Shoes


Engineered and designed to keep its wearer on the turf, Ultra Cobalt by Reebok is one pair of running shoes that do a lot. It is available in Highvis Green and Deep Cobalt. This lace-up closure pair has a mesh upper body that gives it a breathable structure yet with a good stable wrap on the feet. Running is what it is built to serve, while it doesn’t strain the feet and keeps the balance of the runner firm on the turf. If style and utility are what attracts you; this model could be the one.

5. Under Armour Steel Cruise Men’s Running Shoes


Once in a while, a brand comes out among the most popular and known brands, because of its efficiency and style. The Under Armour Steel Cruise is one such example. This shoe eliminates the distractions for you to focus completely on the performance; when you are running. Its upper material is made of synthetic which makes it water repellent, but not much of ventilation.

6. New Balance Men’s Flash Running Shoes


Another not so popular brand, Flash by New Balance is a pair of blue running shoe with a synthetic upper. Yes, they only come in blue, but they are considering to bring out a few more color options. The synthetic upper contributes towards a good wrap around the wearer’s feet, giving it a sound grip around the feet and not letting the feet slip out of the shoe

7. Under Armour Midnight Metallic Men’s Running Shoes


Under Armour comes again to serve you with Midnight Metallic running shoes for men. It comes in 3 varieties of colors, Metallic Silver, Ultra Blue, and Midnight Navy. This lace-up closure pair has a synthetic upper which looks appealing with the color options that it comes with.

8. ASICS Men’s Gel-Sonoma 3 Trail Running Shoes


ASICS is one brand among the sports shoe market that is recognized primarily for its products that are meant for running. The Gel-Sonoma 3 Trail is a unique model by the brand that tackles the uneven off-road surface much better. It’s synthetic upper keeps your feet dry from outside moisture and allows you to stay slip-proof on its stable and strong midsole.

9. Reebok Men’s Fuel Race Xtreme Running Shoes


Reebok is ruling this list with another brand. But its product quality is one of a kind too. The Fuel Race Xtreme is considered the best running shoes for men, no disrespect meant for women though. This pair is built to take the heavy thrashing while running; as in the weight.

10. Adidas Men’s Legus 1 M Running Shoes


The last product of this list is Legus 1 M by Adidas. They come in three colors, Blunt, Silver and Enable. Deemed as a casual running shoe, this could be an excellent pick if you are about to get into running. Its synthetic upper body makes for that perfect wrap which helps with a strong midsole with good cushioning to support you in your initial days of serious running.


Do try a few best running shoes India, before you go ahead and buy them online for a discounted price. After all, you are entitled to get the best for the right amount of money. We hope that the list helped in your pursuit of the best running shoes for men and women.

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